US Presidential Election: Possibility for Hilary Clinton to become Democratic candidate high

As the US is inching towards its crucial Presidential Election, the suspense over whether former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton will become the face of the Democrat camp is gaining strength day by day.

The strength of the suspense has increased tremendously when Ms. Clinton has indicated recently that she has not ruled out the possibility of her becoming the candidate of the Democrat completely.

In all sense, she is the most perfect candidate who can be projected as the face of the Democrat; even though she failed to make it to the seat of power last time when she was the candidate of the Democrat last time against Republican candidate Donald Trump in the previous Presidential Election, her failure was close and was justified by many using the Russian meddling theory.

Recently, the vulnerability of Joe Biden, the frontrunner for the Democrat Presidential candidature, was exposed by another Democrat, Michael Bloomberg, who decided to contest for the candidature for that only reason.

At present, except Mr. Biden and Warren, there is no powerful figure among the persons who has come forward to contest for the Democrat candidature.

Given the fact that Donald Trump at present is much more powerful and charismatic than what he was during the previous Presidential Election and he has the advantage of being in the seat of power, nothing positive can happen to the Democrat if it is not going to come up with a figure as charismatic as the US President.

In Mrs. Clinton, what many see is that charisma. Will Mrs. Clinton become the candidate of the Democrat is yet to be seen. Anyway, this time, her journey towards the candidature will not be as easy as what it was in the previous time.

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