US Prez declines to attend Judiciary Committee hearing

United States President Donald Trump has declined a call made by the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee to appear before the committee to explain his stand on the ongoing impeachment inquiry into his controversial call to Ukraine seeking an investigation into his political rival, Joe Biden.

The US Supremo has cited ‘unfairness’ as the reason for his refusal to present himself before the committee to explain his stand on the allegation raised against him in connection with his phone call to Ukraine.

In the recent past, several top US officials, including the one who overheard the controversial conversation, testified against the President before the committee.

The ongoing inquiry, if it is found relevant, will trigger an impeachment trial in the US senate against the President.

It remains unclear whether the US Senate dominated by the Republicans unlike the inquiry committee constituted by the US House of Representatives will take a favourable stand to the impeachment motion against its own leader.

Whether the US Senate will take a favourable stand or not, the enough damage has already been made on the image of Mr. Trump.

Undoubtedly, the impact of the inquiry will resonate on the upcoming US Presidential Election. Only one thing is needed to be known whether the impact will be in favour of Mr. Trump or against.

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