US Prez warns Iran against threatening White House


A day after Iran threatened the United States against the tough sanctions imposed by the White House against the Arab country, the United States President, Donald Trump, has warned the Shia dominated Arab country not to threaten the world’s most powerful country again.

He has reminded Iran that if it tries to threaten the US in the future, it would suffer severe consequences. In the tweeter message, which the US Supremo has used to speak out his mind, he has also mentioned how those countries which threatened the United States suffered its consequences in the recent history.

The United States imposed tough sanctions against Iran in the recent past. The sanction makes it difficult for those countries which do business with Iran to continue the business engagements with the Arab nations.

Recently, the European Union, particularly France and Germany, asked the United States to either withdraw the sanctions imposed against Iran or award exceptions to the European Union companies which do business with the Arab country.

Until now, the United States has not responded positively to the European Union’s request.

Anyway, the new developments indicate that the US may take more tougher economic sanctions against Iran in the near future.

Is the US slowly preparing to wage a bloody war against Iran?


Vignesh. S. G

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