US senate passes bill supporting Hong Kong protesters

The United States senate has passed the Hong Kong right bill, which extends support to the people of Hong Kong.

The bill shares the concern of the US about the increasing human rights violations in the city of Hong Kong.

The bill speaks in the language of democracy. The bill recognises the importance of the protection of democracy in the Asian city.

Not only does the bill support democracy and human rights, it also threatens those who violate the prime factors for which the bill stands.

In that sense, the bill is a clear warning to China.

The Communist Country has not hesitated to react in the same manner. It has called the US representative to China and expressed its dissatisfaction strongly.

It says that if the bill is not prevented from becoming law it will bring in counter measures to deal with.

China rules the city of Hong Kong under the ‘one country two systems’ policy. The ongoing protest in Hong Kong is seen as the reaction towards the country’s attempt to bring some changes in the policy in a way that helps the country to dive deep into the day to day affairs of the city – which shares a different social, political, economic and cultural standards than that of the Chinese mainland.

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