US to decrease its spending on NATO

The United States has decided to decrease its spending on the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, putting pressure on the other members of the organisation to increase their spending on the organisation.

Responding the indirect call to action made by the world’s wealthiest nation, Germany, the economic power house of Europe, has decided to increase its spending on the organisation.

At present, the US pays at least 22.1 per cent of the NATO budget. Likewise, Germany shares around 14.8 per cent of the total financial burden of the world’s powerful defence organisation.

Anyway, under the proposed arrangement, the US spending will come down to as low as 16.35 per cent (that is, a decrease of more than 5 per cent).

As per the new arrangement, at least two per cent of this additional burden of 5 per cent will be met by the European economic superpower.

The rest of the burden is expected to be covered by other member countries by increasing their spending on the NATO budget accordingly.

Canada has already come forward to address the issue. Likewise, many other countries are expected to come forward to share the additional burden occurred due to the expected move of the United States.

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