US to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorists

The United State of America is preparing to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorists. The move is aimed to contain the activities of these cartels in the country.

The move will naturally make it difficult for the cartels to operate inside the US territory. It will also make it difficult for the members of the cartels to enter the country. Moreover, it can freeze the financial channels controlled by the cartels in the country.

The proposal to bring in the new policy has been made by US President Donald Trump himself.

The proposal has been made as a reaction to the recent attack on some US nationals by the members of the cartels.

The Mexican drug cartels are very active in the US and Mexico. It is not the first time a tough policy has been taken against the cartels. Every time it finds some ways to escape. It is hoped that this time it does not happen.

The US-Mexican border, though less porous, is still vulnerable. Tightening the border is the best thing that can be done to counter the drug cartels based in Mexico – which has almost completely succumbed to the criminal gangs operate in that part of the world.

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