US to restrict the entry of a large Central American migrant group at any cost

A huge contingent of the US military persons have been deployed in the border region, which the US share with Mexico, to prevent the entry of the large group of Central American migrants into the US territory. The move indicates that the US is committed to foil the attempt of the migrant group to enter the country at any coast. The US considers the group as a huge threat to the country, and their attempt to enter the state as an attempt to invade.

Nearly 5,400 soldiers have been deployed in the border to assist the border security group to restrict the entry of the group into the United States.

The two prime political parties of the US –Democrats and Republicans– have different opinion about the issue. The ruling Republicans are in support of the government’s move. But, the Democrats are not.

The issue has already turned political in the country by now. Both political parties are trying to use it as a prime political weapon in the upcoming mid-term election, in which both parties are expected to fight vehemently against each other to show their political strength.

Most of these Central American migrants are fleeing extreme poverty. They are unarmed and expect nothing more than a solution to their poverty.

How can the US protectionism become so bring to project the latest migrant issue as a political issue, when it is actually a human rights issue?

Every person in this earth has the right to food, clothing and shelter.



Vignesh. S. G

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