US-Ukraine relation hits road blocker

Undoubtedly, with the US reducing its support to Ukraine, the Washington-Kyiv relation has struck a massive road blocker.

Ukraine relies heavily on the United States – especially to meet its military requirements. Since the year 2014, the country has been receiving a considerable amount of money each year as military aid from the US. For the neighbour of Russia, it is not a luxury. It is fighting an indirect war with Russia in its northern borders, in which a significant number of pro-Russian fighters are stationed.

The assent of Donald Trump towards the seat of power in the US is the biggest blow Ukraine has suffered in the recent past.

Since the induction of Mr. Trump, the aid Ukraine gets from the US each year has been consistently decreasing.

It has even reached a stage in which the US’ support remains minimal.

The controversial conversation between the US supremo and his Ukrainian counterpart should be viewed in this context.

The conversation is emerged out of the desperate attempt of the Ukraine to reenergise the lifeline in which the country survives.

The exposed realities about the conversation indicate that the relation between the two countries has moved from bad to worse.

It is totally unfair for a leader of a country like the US to impose pressure on another counter – especially if it is under the support of the country – to take an action in its favour (or the political interest of its leader – like what Mr. Trump has allegedly done in the Ukraine issue).

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