Vedanta group tries to change people’s view about Sterlite Copper plant

In an attempt to pave way for the reopening of Sterlite Copper plant, the Vedanta group, the owner of the Thoothukudi copper plant which was closed after the common people living near the plant strongly protested against the plant because of the copper plant authorities’ irresponsible attitude towards the plant’ commitment towards the environment in which the copper plant was operating, it seems, is trying to change the people’s view about the plant with the help of social media experts and other means.

As per a latest report, the company has constituted a social media team to tackle the negative messages circulating in the social media platforms such as Twitter, to circulate positive messages about the company, and to bring a social media campaign, named ‘reopensterlite’, in the trending position in the social media platforms.

The employees of the company have been informed to appear for jobs from Monday onwards. The employees have been invited to the residential quarters for reporting for their jobs.

In the personal letters dispatched to the employees, the company has reportedly said that the attendance is compulsory and biometric punching system would be there in the quarters to ensure the presence of the employees.

As per an assessment published in a national daily, the presence of the employees in the company may help the company to change the public view about the company and amass more support for the reopening of copper plant.


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