Wannabe cop, killed unarmed man, awarded 20 year imprisonment

A wannabe cop, who killed an unarmed man over a dispute in connection with a disabled parking space in Florida, has been awarded nearly twenty year imprisonment by a United States court.

The convict has attempted to invoke the defence of ‘stand-your-ground’ during the trial. But, the court has decried that attempt, pointing out the fact that the victim was unarmed.

The defence lawyer has also tried to use the defence argument. That too has been turned down by the court.

The court has criticised the state police department which failed to register the charge of murder against the convict in a timely manner.

The victim is black and the culprit is white. But, the court has not entertained the prosecution to explore the racial angel in the crime.

Notably, none of the relatives of the culprit has turned up in the court. The relatives of the victim, especially his girlfriend who was with him at the time he was attacked, have welcomed the court’s decision.

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