War for Water

A video clip circulated through various social media platforms throws light into the serious issue of water contamination. The clip tries to convey each and every viewer that the industrial waste disposed off into the Periyar River by the companies located in the banks of the river makes those living in and around the river serious kidney patients. As per the information publicised by the clip, a large number of the population in and around the river, majorly a considerable number of people settled in the Eranakulam city through which the river flows, is kidney patients.

Kidney is the purifier of human body. It removes waste materials from blood. When it is overloaded with waste materials, it naturally falls ill.

Unfortunately, for those live in and around the Periyar River, it is not the modern poison suppliers like fast food items, vehicle emissions, aerated drinks and alcohol that contribute the heavy amount of waste materials in their body, but, shockingly, it is their drinking water.

No serious action has been taken, even though the river has clearly shown several signs of contamination including the disappearance of several varieties of fishes, the unnatural death of fishes and the tremendous increase of minerals and chemicals.

The condemnable fact is that still the government authorities only use the centuries old technique of chlorination for the purification of the water.

The video clip appeals the viewers to unite against the serious issue of water contamination.

Fresh drinking water, healthy food, comfortable shelter and adequate cloths are our basic rights. No one has the right to deny it.

Unite Against Water Contamination!


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright