What makes Mamata less desirable candidate for PM post

As the, so called, historic protest launched against the central government by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in the name of saving democracy has reached its third day, most of the independent political observers have refused to endorse the possibility that the centre-state standoff purposefully created to reach a political end favourable to the West Bengal leader would hugely benefit her, though almost all opposition parties, except the leftists, have come openly to support the stand adopted by the Bengal Supremo.

Mamata is a very capable leader. She has been ruling one of the largest eastern states West Bengal for almost a decade. She has successfully erased all her political opponents from the space she has occupied.

If the ability to create a political space devoid of any kind of dissent is the qualification the proposed opposition front is looking for, Mamata will be the only best choice available to be presented as the face of the, so called, democratic front.

It is good to keep it in the mind that the electorate may not receive the logic of countering an autocratic with another autocratic in the way the opposition leaders have received. If they find it ridiculous, the entire effort made to bring together all opposition party on a single platform will become meaningless.

The forthcoming is an ideological battle, not a political battle. All political parties on the task of removing the saffron from the helm of power should be well aware about the importance of the task they have ventured into.

If the task is to replace an autocratic with a democrat, the entire nation will stand with those on the side of democracy.

To call the support, the first step that has to be done by the opposition is to bring forth to the public all those which support their argument that the ruling is an autocratic regime. So far, noting has been done towards that extent.

Until that is done, no relevance will be given to the attempts designed to paste the image of autocracy over the present regime.


Vignesh. S. G

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