When was the last time India embraced a regime change? 1990s or 2010s!!!

Since 1990s, India has been following the neo-liberal and neo-imperialist ideologies sincerely. It is the reason why though the Indian voters have tested the centre-left and centre-right repeatedly they have failed to witness any concrete changes in the ground.

A political observer says that it does not matter which party rules the country. As per his opinion, the only thing that matters is the ideology the rulers follow.

Like many developing countries, India looks west. As a result of that, the country imports the ideology of neo-liberalist, which provides a good ground for the growth of neo-imperialism.

Before the commencement of the campaigning sessions of the 2019 General Election, it is necessary to understand that in the last thirty years, even though the centre-leftist and centre-rightists have been tested several times, nothing much has happened in the ground.

Does the country, at present, have any significant political party which possesses an anti-neo-imperialist ideological perspective? There are several political parties which uphold the aforesaid ideology, but they are either powerless or are in a kind of political coalition whose dominant member is a pro-neo-imperialist.

It does not mean that the country have no hope, but it only means the people must not miscalculate that the misfortunes and miseries imposed on them by a neo-imperialist political system can be erased by another neo-imperialist.

It is unfortunate to note that the progressive ideology of neo-liberal has been almost completely swallowed by the neo-imperialism in almost every country the former exists. These two different concepts are at present in an inseparable state. Until an internal rejuvenation happens, the neo-liberals cannot escape from the clutches of neo-imperialists. It is the reason why these two different concepts have been seen as a single ideology for the last few decades.

Let’s try our best to elect those who speak for famers, students, small entrepreneurs, small traders, workers, unemployed, women, children, minorities and marginalised. It’s our turn.


Vignesh. S. G

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